Native Canadian People

Native Canadians have been around for many years and despite what people think, there is still a large population within Canada today. It is somewhat strange because when you think of natives, you think over the years, many of the generations would have been wiped out but it’s amazing to see how so many have survived. Native Canadian’s really do have a rich history and their culture is one that very few others have today. Read on to find out more about Canadian native people.

Early Settlers and Tough Times

Native Canadians or indigenous people of Canada were the very first people to reside in Canada, they were the real Canadians and they help shape the country so much. However, being a native Canadian was not easy when the first settlers arrived and there were lots of conflict and tension between the two factions. It’s utterly strange because Canada today is very diverse and yet only a few hundred years ago, it was almost at war with itself as settlers tried to change the country. Canada and its native people were truly unique as they were there for many, many years and there are lots of examples with some early habitation grounds thought to be some of the earliest in the world.

Tension for Natives

Unfortunately, when early settlers arrived, it caused upset with the native people of Canada simply because their land was taken over. As a result, there was much tension between natives and settlers and it resulted in colonies being formed between nations. It was not an easy time for native Canadians and even though today the world is very much peaceful within Canada, it was a far cry from that. However, today, there are well over one million native people remaining in Canada and that is a staggering number. It is great to see that native people in Canada still have a voice and it truly remains a key part of history for the country.

Native Canadian People

The Culture

To be honest, native Canadians have this rich culture and it’s one which brings together story telling in a very fascinating way. The history of North American people lives in very much so in many natives, even the younger generations of today. Story telling about history here is all through interaction such as singing, dancing and many other forms. That is truly unique and that is why more Canadians love to hear such stories. The culture from the native people of Canada is moving because even though they’ve strived through so much, they are still strong today.

Canada and It’s Native People

One of the most important things about Canada today is that it’s a diverse country and that essentially means there is a place for everyone. Native Canadians still have a place in the hearts of many and that is important as it is their country first and foremost. What’s more, learning about native life and culture is wonderful and very important to say the least. This is a history that must be remembered as it helped to shape the country and what it is today.